March 4, 2017

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I'm 30 Weeks Pregnant!

I can't believe I'll be meeting my unborn son in 10 weeks or less.

This pass week has been a hard one. I've been an emotional hotmess wreck.

I've hard disrupted vision, with a mixture of puking and I even failed my glucose test. 
 There were a few good things about this pass week...

What has been baby been up to these pass week?
He's been ninja kicking me like crazy
I can feel him on the outside of my belly
He moves with every touch I place upon him
He doesn't let me sleep throughout the night without a pee break. 
Hows Baby Feeling? 
He's as big as a Zucchini
He's been very active and bouncy 

How's Mama Feeling?  
I can barely stand for a long period of time without feeling exhausted.
I nap for atleast 3hours a during the day
I've been wanting this pregnancy to be move to meet him
How's Daddy Feeling?
Extremely over protective!  

Ugh...none! Guilty!

Belly Button? 
Outie, its getting bigger too.
Tiger Stripes, Mommy Stripes, Stretch Marks? 
Yes, on my lower back. I'm tummy free from them thankfully
Dizzy (I almost felled over twice this week)
Itchy Top Belly
Restless Legs (Keeps me up throughout the night!)
Disrupted Vision!
Cherry Cola
Donuts (I've been putting this one off)

What are you exciting about for next week? 
To be a week closer to meeting my son! I'm so anxious to meet him. Hopefully those restless legs stop too!

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