March 4, 2017

DueDateDiaries Branding + Launch

I did it!

I started a blog that I always wanted to have.

You know that type of blog where you can just be yourself and it isn't about numbers, followers, or even comments for that matter.

Its all about expressing memories from the week on a Sunday lazy bloggie morning.

Thats what DueDateDiaries is meant to be to me. Freedom!

No pressure, no stress and of course not worrying about numbers.

I've always loved old school blogging. 

Remember back in the day where blogs were meant to be about personal memories and the the readers were people you felt close to? The people who read your blog were people who genuinely could relate to you and had a common interest in what you writing about.

I miss when blogging was your weeks memories and genuinely! 

I don't want to sell you anything, trick you into joining a spamming email list and cram Pinterest friendly photos down your throat. I just want to blog.

Call me "old school" or "ancient" but I'm that type of blogger that wants to read about:

  • your first week with your newborn 
  • the cutest clothes you bought them 
  • how they love their grandparents more than you
  • or even that emotional rant that you just need to get off your chest.

That's because I truly can relate to that!

When I was branding DueDateDiaries I wanted a blog style that was me. Not what attracted others.

I always made that mistake with the many blogs I've had. I thought too much about what my reader wanted and not what was going to make me happy in the long run.

When it comes to color designing I have a huge love for anything cutesy with a mix of feminine colors and when I want to feel a tad more mature some bold element that reminded me of my adult status.

Which is why I chose the colors a soft pink, minimalist white and grey with a hint of bold bronze.

It sums me up perfectly!

With the many blogs I've had before. I know DueDateDiaries is going to be different!

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