March 21, 2017

Look In My Hospital Bag / Newborn Boy Edition

I'm kind of a Momzilla.

I wanted to pack everything into my hospital bag for my unborn son.

Babies come when you at least expect them to. With my due date only a handful of weeks away a  grab and go hospital bag is needed in case its go time!
If I could fit my complete nursery into my hospital bag, I would! Seriously I'm that much of a Momzilla!.  

Since that isn't possible, I really wanted to focus on the newborn essentials I will be using for after I give birth.

This does not include my personal things. That's a completely different bag!

When searching for a hospital bag for my son, I didn't want to use a baby, diaper or nappy bag!

The bag I choose needed to be easy to grab and go, nothing oversized with plenty of compartments.Something daddy can quickly grab right along with my personal hospital bag and his!

Yes, I made my boyfriend his own hospital bag as well. Which hes a tad a shamed to admit he has! lol

Whats In My Newborns Hospital Bag!?
(I wish I could show photos of everything but than this blog post will never end?)

Two Receiving Baby Blankets: Nothing beats blankets for first moments with baby!

Three Pairs of Baby Sleepwear: Easy snap oneies 

Baby Going Home Outfit: I can't wait to put him in his first official outfit for newborn photos!

Going Home Baby Blanket: Those hospital blankets are so ugly, so I will surely be bringing my own!

Baby Hat: Even though my son is due in May I still want him to be warm & comfy on the ride home. 

Baby's Mittens: I don't want him scratching up his face! 

Three Burp Rags: For those pukey, burpy moments with baby!

Plenty Of Nappies: I'm bringing three different brands of nappies. I want to see what hes comfortable in.

Newborn Soothing Binky: Keeps baby soothe and calm instead of those big bulky ones!

Baby Booties: Just too keep his teeny toes warm on the drive home!

To be honest, I'm not done with this list! Like I said "Momzilla". Since this will be my first child, I don't want to regret missing out on anything. Even if I might not need all of these things I surely won't regret being over perpared. If I'm missing anything, please let me know. I'll most likely find a place to fit it! lol  


  1. Aw I was also given them little booties but he was too old for them at the time so never got worn :( don't forget cotton pads! I went through sooo many of these because of the no wipe policy in the hospital. Eek I'm so excited for you! It's the best feeling ever X

    1. Theirs a no wipe policy at your hospital? Thankfully I'm going to the doctors this noon so I can ask my hospital about this. Now I'm going to stuff tons of cotton pads in my bag just in case! Thanks haha