March 17, 2017

Mom Talk - Stop Bump Shaming Me!

When I first heard the term bump shaming, I gave serious eyerolls with a mixture of face-palm gestures.

Whats next, butt shaming?

I was so ignorant to the issue because i Had no idea what being pregnant was actually like. 

I wasn't experiencing motherhood from the inside like I am now.

Bump Shaming is a thing. Moms need to start bringing awareness to the issue! 
Due to society and the media, its no secret what pressure the world places among a woman's body. From being too skinny, too fat, or too chubby; you'll think during pregnancy a women can escape those issues.

I surely didn't!

I have been bumped shamed ever since I started showing in my early stages. From friends, strangers & even health care professionals.

I am reminded everyday when I walk out the door that my pregnancy image isn't okay!

Why can't people compliment a pregnant woman without also anaylizing & making statements on her bump.

 Your Bump Is Too Big!
I was having a prenatal checkup. I felt safe there.I was going to be surrounded by other expecting mothers in the waiting area and being treated by health care professionals who are use to seeing bumps of all sizes daily!

There was no way; bump shaming was going to happen here right? Wrong!

Once I'm comfortable in my personal doctors office room, I was seen my a nurse assistant firstly! She checks your blood pressure, weights you and is out of there before you can even blink.

Before she left, she had the nerve to tell me my bump was way too big.

I was measured a week before and my doctor told me my belly size was right on schedule with my due date. So how dare this nurse assistant who hasn't even seen my belly without my oversize sweater I was wearing that day tell me I'm too big. She has a 6month degree and has never checked me beyond my blood pressure.

I'm in my 3rd Trimester. Having a visible bump is pretty darn common lady!

Are You Feeding Your Baby!?

I went maternity shopping with my boyfriend, only to dread the experience.

The shop assistant kept comparing the expecting mothers to each other and sadly no one stood up to her. Not even me. I was seriously a little stunned at the things she was saying. As if it was just okay. 

Whenever she striked up a conversation with a mother she would pat their belly (without asking) and say something regarding the size of that mothers belly.

I tried my best to avoid her, but here you have to ask before using the dressing room. I really wanted to try on a maternity dress for my upcoming baby shower.

Soon as I approached her the first thing she said to me was "Are You Feeding Your Baby? You're so small!!"

I literally wanted to put down the dress and walk out. That was the last time I've been there!
When Are Your Twins Due?!
This sadly happened to another expecting mom at a pregnancy group meetup I attended in the city.

A few group of ladies and I decided to meet for a Breakfast Taco Tuesday Brunch and one of the mothers who was in her second trimester was actually told this by a waiter!

The waiter complimented the whole table, but turned to her and said "When are your twins due!?"

Like who says that! We all know what the waiter was implying! He was making a comment on how big he thought her belly was. (She was expecting one baby btw!)

This truly put me in the worse mood ever. A few of the other mamas spent the whole dinner talking about what the waiter said that it actually sparked us to make a complaint to the restaurants manager.

It made me feel good to take a stand and the best part was, I had a group of awesome mamas to back me up. This also sparked me to make a stand on my blog about it!

Do you know what this does to a woman's self esteem? My anxiety goes through he roof every time I leave my home. I shouldn't be afraid to be seen in public, because I want to avoid comments of my belly. My home shouldn't be my only safe haven.

Mind your business! Simply put. Its not anyone's place to comment on another women's figure regardless if she is pregnant or not.

If you wouldn't approach a women about her weight don't approach her about her bump size! 


  1. Hi Shannon, I never realised that "bump shaming" was a thing but I do remember receiving too many unwanted comments about my size during pregnancy, they did start to make my heart sink a little after a while. As you say, no one would say anything about a woman's weight at any other time so I have no idea why people think it is okay when someone is pregnant, and if anything - more sensitive! It is great to see you standing up to it and hopefully word will get out so people will think before they speak. All I can say is to let their comments go over your head because all that matters right now is that Mummy & Baby are happy and healthy :) Katie xo

    1. During pregnancy a womans body image is more sensitive to her so I completely agree with you. I hope other mothers start talking about this and stand up as well! Thanks for stopping by Katie!

  2. I've never been pregnant, but I'm glad you're talking about this! I've always taken notice when women around me are bump shamed and it's always bothered me. I think I first noticed when I was 7 years old and my stepmom was pregnant with my little sister, people were constantly commenting on her bump and she was obviously very bothered, even sometimes exhausted by it. I don't understand why people can't seem to grasp that pregnancy is a natural thing, bumps are part of the pregnancy package, and all women are different!

    1. Its good to read an outside perspective on the issue from someone who isn't expecting. People usually don't even pay attention to it unless they experienced it but you noticing it when you are younger surely shows things haven't changed! Its 2017 and people still think its okay to bump shame expecting mothers. Thanks for reading Amanda! xx